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El Abismo del Dragon Book Cover

I did this cover for the novel «El Abismo del Dragon», written by Africa Vazquez and published by Munyx Editorial. The concept was very clear from the beginning, it had to be a medieval window-type showcase, with the dragon and the spyglass. The editor gave me a lot of creative freedom and I had a …

Sant Jordi

The legend: SANT JORDI LEGEND AND THE DRAGON The legend says that there was a dragon living in Montblanc (Catalonia). Everybody was very angry with the dragon because he was eating all animals and the people got more and more hungry. But the tragedy started when the dragon finally ate all the animals and there …

Musicoterapia illustrations

This was a beautiful project that I had the pleasure of illustrating. The game is by Mateu Ubach and is oriented to family work for children in the palliative care unit at Vall d’Hebron hospital, Barcelona. Through this game and music therapy, they can express positive feelings.

Advertising spots for Globalrisc

I made these illustrations to animate frame by frame two spots for globalrisc. Illustrations for Duett Studio, animations, and layout by Duett Studios. You can watch the spots here:

Spring Awakening Month

Spring Awakening MonthIt was a beautiful challenge that I host on Instagram with some talented artists: Can you feel that something is changing in the air? It smells like spring!🌸 And we want to welcome this lovely season with this challenge 🙂 🌸I’m joining the #SpringAwakeningMonth with some amazing artists! These are the topics, feel …

Storyboards Under the Ice

These are the storyboards for the short film by Álvaro Rodriguez Areny «Under the Ice«. A very well-produced short film that I really enjoyed drawing the sequential art. We are in the official selection of the Sitges Film Festival 2021.