Carrie on Art  · Illustrator

Skills and Languages

Ideas bank, creative, hard-working, organized, and problem-solving. About languages: Spanish and Catalan native, English first certification level, French Delf A2, Italian understanding. 


June 2009

University Admittance Examination: Technological Scientist Access – UNED

A – Maths, A – Philosophy, A – Technical Drawing


June 2016

Delf niveau A2 – French studies

Lycée Compte de Foix · Andorra

June 2015

Graphic Art studies – Four years in graphic and art formation.

Escola Joso · Barcelona

October 2016

Photography course specialized in architecture – by Jordi Pujol González

Cambra de Comerç, Indústria i Serveis · Andorra

February 2018

Google partner: advanced Google Ads knowledge – Google AdWords display network.


April 2019

Online Marketing workshop: social media. – by Apex


February – June 2022

Bootcamp Máster UX/UI Design – Nuclio Digital School



July 2014 – August 2014

Junior Graphic Illustrator internship in Wow! Comunicació advertisement agency in Andorra.

June 2015 – Present

Illustrator and working in comic con’s stand (Dubai comic con and sometimes Abu Dhabi’s games con) for Kaburi Rol and Games making merchandising for their Barcelona Shop.

January 2016 – Present

Working as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and storyboard artist for clients and companies: Google Assistant (Grabbit Entertainment), Mjg Gestions, Caldea, Come to Land, Leo Boeck, Andorra Telecom, Kaburi Rol and Games, Land Real Estate, Wow! Comunicació, City Xerpa, Aguber Consulting, Assea (Lliga de skate Andorra), Armando Rock, Souto Construccions, Big Foot La Massana, Real Home Network, X Runners, Duett Studio, Munyx Editorial, Double Games UK, Jecom Disseny.

June 2017 – Mar 2019

Illustration teacher for children in d’Art Andorra Creative store.

Sep 2021 – Currently working

Graphic illustrator in KITAA Wooden toys shop (Abu Dhabi)

Lasts works · Published :

«Twited Tales: Alice in Wonderland» Illustrated app (Characters, environments and props) for Google Assistant produced by Grabbit entertainment.

Posters for the ONCA (National Andorran Orchestra) for children’s events September 2021

«El Abismo del Dragón» Illustrated book cover for the book written by África Vazquez, published by Munyx Editorial September 2021

«No te perdis, sr. Bigotis» – illustrated children’s book for Laika, crowdfunded in February 2019 in Verkami and distributed in June 2019. 

«El verano que inventamos la nieve» Illustrated book cover for the book written by Ana Draghia, published by Munyx Editorial February 2021

«Historias con Alma» Illustrated book cover for the book written by Carlos Sisi, published by Munyx Editorial October 2020

«Q Sherlock ¿Felices para siempre?» – Illustrated board game for GDM Games  October 2020

Storyboards for 3 advertisements by City Xerpa, an Andorran company of home products delivery.

«¿Que ha muerto quién?» illustrated book cover for the book written by Elisabeth Zorita, edited and distributed by Acen Editorial  Mar 2019

«Diferente» – Two illustrations for the end and the foreword of this comic book made by Dibujos por Sonrisas and edited and distributed by Planeta Cómic 2019